I saw something today and for some reason it struck me.

A man, dressed corporately walking down the dusty streets of Akute probably returning from work or from a job interview. It could be anything really.

What struck me about this man was not his dressing or the fact that he was walking.

What struck me was the way he sucked the orange in his hand. He raised the orange to his mouth with both hands and kept sucking on it. For a man his age, it was absolute indiscipline.

But i could relate.

Nigeria is tough.

He might have had a terrible day.

Perhaps that orange was going to be his dinner.

Perhaps that orange was the only sweetness he had tasted in a while and he wasn’t just going to let it go.

Nigeria is bitter. But that Orange probably made him forget.


I tell you the truth and you flare up.

I tell you a lie. You smile. You smile so wide.

You are well aware of the fact that it’s untrue. 

You know it’s all just lies.

But lies, that’s what you’d rather believe. 
Oh well, whatever helps you sleep at night!


I stared intensely at the young girl i was about to murder. 

She was kind, loving, caring, forgiving, all shades of good. 

This was precisely why i needed her dead.

 All her goodness,  had profited her nothing.

 It was time for her to leave and make room for me, her other side. 

She did not object when i started to put her in a coffin and bury her deep within myself. 

She was well aware of the fact that i wasn’t just her murderer, i was also her Savior.

 As i looked in the mirror i couldn’t help but smile. 

 The world would have to say goodbye to the good girl i once was.  

And say hello to the new me,  The terrible other side. 

Little did i know,  that all that was needed to get rid of me was love. 

I had never met this guy,  but i had heard about Him from a lot of people,  young and old,  male and female. 

I decided to check Him out for myself,  see if i could Hurt him a little. 

This decision marked the beginning of the end for me. 

I met with Him and He showed me so much love.

Much more love than i could contain, i tried to push him away,  but He wouldn’t bulge.

He knew i needed him. 

Before i knew it,  the terrible me  had vanished. 

I was completely transformed. 

The guy I met was the actual Savior. 

The Savior of both the good me and the terrible me. 

His name. Jesus. 

Golden you

I decided to start this blog mostly because i realized how much love i have for writing but how lazy i had become about it. I lost focus at some point because i felt i wasn’t good enough nor creative enough to have a blog, but Ofcourse these were just excuses to cover up for my laziness,  cause obviously, no amazing writer started out an amazing writer. They all got better while writing. 

Hopefully, each time you visit this furnace,  you’ll realize the potential and abilities you have, you’ll realize that you are Golden and you’ll be challenged to be the absolute best of you.

So Fiery Furnace, for me marks the beginning of dilligence and dedication. I’m so eager to watch myself grow.